Aabid Mohamed


• 10+ years of professional experience in the Business Management sector.
• 8+ years in a Management role leading teams in a profitable business sector.
• 5+ years of Managerial ability to build and lead high performance professionals to support a growing industry.
• Superior influencing skills, who builds relationships easily across various stakeholder groups to move projects forward with creativity and skill.
• Strong aptitude for strategic and critical thinking; flexibility and adaptability for a fast paced, complex and dynamically changing environments.

Current Role:

• Engaging and working with customers to find the best solutions in the business environment (Presales)
• Showcasing the power of digital technology to improve collaboration and ideation in the business environment
• Working collaboratively with internal teams to solve problems and strengthen the business
• Developing strategic business partnerships with external stakeholders to increase opportunities
• Seen as a product expert and stay consistently on top of new features and designs
• Gather information from prospects and customers to update product management teams
• Engaging customers to understand the business case and needs to be successful
• Educating prospects on solution capabilities and best practices (Postsales)
• Hosting training sessions for prospects, customers and internal teams
• Creating training material and digital content for distribution and publication
• Participating in tradeshows to demonstrate the product and design
• Working closely with 'Manufacturing, Supply Chain Marketing and Customer Support' to find opportunities of success