Aaron Ferguson


Aaron Ferguson began as the Director of Disability Services at WPI in the summer of 2011. He holds a Masters of Education in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of Vermont and has worked in disability services since 2003. Aaron's professional background includes experience as an academic coach and advisor, disability generalist, outdoor education specialist, and rowing coach. His work with faculty and students focuses specifically on incorporating experiential modalities and elements of Universal Design for Learning.He also has strong interests in sustainability, service-learning, neuro-behavioral development and neuropsychology.

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  • Fostering E-Mail Security Awareness: The West Point Carronade
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    Despite the damage the Melissa and Sasser worms and other embedded hyperlinks and e-mail–enabled viruses have caused to millions of computers and their data, the majority of users will undoubtedly continue to click on embedded hyperlinks and e-mail attachments they receive from people they do not know.

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