Adam Krob


For more than two decades, Dr. Adam Krob has studied and evaluated IT and customer support structures. While his career spans numerous areas, his core focus has always been the optimal alignment of support with the institution's goals and the use of knowledge management strategies, such as KCS, as a tool to achieve these goals. Within this framework, his specialized expertise has benefited educational institutions of all sizes, from small colleges to large universities. The writings and presentations of Dr. Krob, who has both an MBA and PhD, have found an eager audience both inside and outside technology organizations. Dr. Krob is a pioneer in enhancing overall perceptions of service, and in the transformation of service from a reactive to a proactive enterprise. Beginning in 1990 at Duke and Tulane Universities, Dr. Krob plumbed areas as diverse as strategic planning and execution, ERP software management, and business continuity. A longtime New Orleans resident, his experiences during Hurricane Katrina further enriched his understanding of the unique challenges facing business and academic continuity initiatives. Dr. Krob also understands the complexities of serving global customers, having lived and worked in Europe. Given the breadth of his customer support experience and the depth of his understanding of support's critical role for a company, Dr. Krob's unique and invaluable perspective delivers powerful benefits to colleges and universities. Dr. Krob earned his MA and PhD in Political Science from Duke University, and his MBA from Tulane's Freeman School of Business. He lives with his wife and daughter in New Orleans.

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