Adam Palacio


Highly accomplished Networking Sales/Management Professional with 7+ years of extensive experience in Account Management who excels in fast paced and cross functional teaming to align with organizational goals. Proven ability to utilize leadership skills to mentor and provide support to teams in the Networking industry, including: monitoring and evaluating the development, implementation and review of strategies around growth. Experienced in maintaining customer satisfaction and long-term relationships with both partners and end customers, providing immediate and effective process troubleshooting by communicating directly with technical personnel on the status of ongoing projects and issues. Self-motivated and passionate about empowering individuals with the use of technology both in-person and remote. Combines vision, ingenuity, and strong business acumen with exceptional sales management background and leadership qualities towards organizational goals in both an individual contribution and team focused roles. I enjoy learning about new technologies, and I am a quick learner. I pride myself in quickly becoming a knowledge resource to colleagues, partners and customers.