Adam Rybicki


Adam's programming career began at Xerox Corporation in 1988 with work on a user interface toolkit for a high-volume laser printing system. In 1993 Adam became a self-employed consultant specializing in developing (not designing) user interfaces for Windows in C and later in C++. In 1996 with a partner, Tony Holderith, Adam co-founded Interactive Business Solutions, Inc (IBS). IBS specialized in consulting on Java programming projects in higher education. In 1999 IBS and Sun Microsystems became the only corporate founding members of JA-SIG (, a group of higher education institutions collaborating around common, open source IT solutions. When IBS was acquired by Unicon, Inc. in 2003, Adam became Unicon's Vice President of Technology. Presently, Adam works with Unicon's clients helping them with CAS implementations.

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