Ademir da Paixao Soares


With more than three decades of experience in the field of Information Technology, Ademir Soares has always ensured that he brings with him a rich mix of skills in information and communications technology, network and infrastructure engineering, technological research and development, and solution testing and implementation. He is regarded as one of the pioneers who worked with and operated mainframes and super computers that enabled various end users to perform massive computing. With a solid expertise and thorough understanding of the functions of these technologies, Ademir combines his solid background with comprehensive education and training. In turn, these have become his strong foundation that enables him to bring the expected bottom-line contributions to any company he has worked for. Ademir is currently the Information Technology Director at Hinsdale Adventist Academy, where he spearheads the identification, planning, creation, and implementation of various technology initiatives for the school. Fearless and confident, he has pioneered numerous solutions that fully equipped the entire spectrum of the organization for sustainable growth well into the future. Prior to his executive responsibilities at Hinsdale, Ademir gained in-depth exposure assuming diverse positions to several companies and entities. These include serving as senior computer and console operator, senior network administrator, network consultant, and Chief Information Officer (CIO). During his tenure at these businesses, Ademir leveraged his great talents and ingenuity in envisioning advanced IT solutions, strategies, processes, and standards. Hence, his contributions afforded the organizations a higher capability in quality, turnaround time, workflow efficiency, and customer response; thereby propelling them to become industry leaders. As CIO at Atlantic Union College in 2007, Ademir led the institution of a pioneer Microsoft IT Academy and the VMWare Academy that brought in significant revenue increase for the school. In addition, he initiated the partnership with NetApp and Citrix to create a storage infrastructure; as well as VDI, XEN APP, and ZEN Desktop for the college. This effort allowed its students, faculty, alumni, and their families to access relevant school information at the comforts of their homes. Under his leadership, in 2008, Atlantic Union College ventured in its most audacious Information Technology Program to date – subscribed this institution to the “National Elite in the Higher Education – Internet2 – Internet2 is the foremost U.S. advanced networking consortium. Led by the research and education community since 1996, Internet2 promotes the missions of its members by providing both leading-edge network capabilities and unique partnership opportunities that together facilitate the development, deployment and use of revolutionary Internet technologies. Internet2 networks span hundreds of universities, corporations, federal agencies, and non-profit organizations; more than four million people at Internet2 member institutions have access to Internet2 networks. High-performance Internet2 networks support advanced applications that can’t run on commercial Internet. In the Internet2 environment, the network is no longer an impediment to developing and using advances applications, freeing scientist and developers to focus on their work without worrying about bandwidth availability. As Senior Network Administrator and consultant for Fred McClendon & Associates, Ademir provided oversight and guidance in the effort to create a network infrastructure that supported this group in acquiring a refinery company. The project was completed in a timely manner and within budget constraints and specifications. As the network, security, and surveillance consultant at Telephone Systems of Nebraska, Ademir innovatively designed and developed a complete network digital surveillance system and standalone digital surveillance system by utilizing high-resolution NTSC and PAL color cameras and network (IP) cameras sold to various facilities, jail systems, airports, parking lots, malls, and the Entire Power gGrieed of the City of Grand Island, NE. Given such strong and extensive experience, Ademir became an extremely effective leader and motivator. He has inspired employees to deliver peak performance while cultivating profitable business relationships based on trust, integrity, and professionalism. Some of the major companies he has worked and maintained good relationships with include Microsoft, HP, Citrix, Google, and Adobe. Throughout the entirety of his career, Ademir has exemplified an exceptional ability to design and implement IT initiatives and solutions that improved the financial sustainability of various corporations. Driven by a can-do attitude and passion for excellence, he has managed to create and deploy enterprise IT systems that resolved various issues and concerns, streamlined operations, brought cost effectiveness, and enhanced service quality. A truly accomplished and tenacious professional, Ademir Soares has demonstrated his deep expertise in design, implementation, and deployment as it relates to LAN/WAN networks. Thus, he considers his myriads of experiences as his competitive advantage among his contemporaries.