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Ahmad ElZorkani

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Founder and Managing Director of ZOREX Training & Consultancy. A company that
started in 2017 with the sole purpose of becoming a chance to affect change in the
Egyptian Education system. He is also the Manager for Instructional Multimedia at
the Center for Learning & Teaching at The American University in Cairo. His role is to
provide faculty members with pedagogical and technical assistance in implementing
technology to enhance teaching and learning.  He has been in IT and education since
1997. Ahmad focused on Teaching/Learning technologies, coupled with acquiring
considerable knowledge of Pedagogy since 2008. He is a holder of an MA in
International and Comparative Education. Ahmad is an instructor in the Professional
Educator Diploma at AUC, a teaching assistant and co-designer of a MOOC about
STEAM education in Arabic that is hosted on Edraak. For the past few years, he has
been conducting research on bringing technology enhanced teaching strategies to
public schools in collaboration with a public-school complex in Ismailia. He holds a
BA in business administration and a Diploma in management of information