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Dr. Aimee Whiteside is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Writing at the University of Tampa. She specializes in social presence, blended and online learning, technology-enhanced learning, learning environments research, technical and professional communication, and academic writing. Dr. Whiteside’s research has been featured within various edited books, Journal of Interactive Online Learning, Learning & Leading, EDUCAUSE Review, and SLOAN-C’s Best Practices.

Before pursuing a career in teaching, Dr. Whiteside held a professional career as a Technical Writer and an Information Design Consultant for various organizations in the Minneapolis area. She also served as Research Fellow and Consultant in the Digital Media Center at the University of Minnesota. She taught at the University of Minnesota (2001-2007; 2009) and at the University of Wisconsin at Stout (2010-2011). She has served in programmatic leadership roles at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and she was a Curriculum Coordinator for the Center for the Advanced Study in Technology in Leadership Education (CASTLE). Recently, Dr. Whiteside has been promoted to Coordinator for Assessment for the College of Arts and Letters at the University of Tampa.

Over the years, Dr. Whiteside has received multiple honors and awards for her work, including a 2010 “Best in Track” award at the 16th Annual SLOAN-C International Conference on Online Learning entitled, “Strategies to Maximize Online Interactions Using the Social Presence Model” with her research partner, Dr. Amy Garrett Dikkers. Whiteside’s (2007) Social Presence Model is also featured within SLOAN-C’s Best Practices.

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