Aixa Pomales


Aixa Pomales is the director of Support Services for the Information Technology Services (ITS) department at Swarthmore College. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Support Services team, cultivating and nurturing strategic partnerships across her institution. She works within her ITS management team to ensure that the ITS team aligns its support of the College’s strategic objectives and educational mission.

Prior to joining Swarthmore College in 2010, Aixa held various progressive leadership and management positions within IT during 11 years at Temple University, ultimately rising to the assistant director for the help desk and technical support.

Aixa has an M.S. in business with a concentration in human resource management from Lincoln University and received her undergraduate degree in organizational studies from Temple University. She completed the EDUCAUSE Institute Leadership Program in 2016.

Aixa is passionate about her involvement in efforts that support and promote diversity, equity and inclusion such as NERCOMP’s Professional Development Committee, the NERCOMP Program Committee for NERCOMP Annual Conference 2019, serving as chair of the Planning Committee for CLAC 2019 Annual Conference, and as a member of the Educause IT Issues Panel in 2019.

Participating as a panelist in NERCOMP’s People of Color in Higher Ed reinforced Aixa’s commitment to ensuring that IT professionals actively share lessons learned early in their careers as they progress within higher ed IT. This commitment reinforces that career growth is a proactive responsibility to ourselves, the institutions, and higher ed IT industry we serve.

As an engaged member of her campus community, Aixa serves as a co-chair of the Task Force on Student Social Life and Community Standards, and is a member of the Faculty/Staff Development Committee and the Student Employment Committee. She is also an IT representative for new hire orientations and recently served on the working group for Standard VII (Governance, Leadership and Administration) as part of Swarthmore’s Middle States reaccreditation process.

Aixa’s professional and personal growth reinforces her commitment to service and excellence in the workplace for the betterment of our institutions and campus communities.

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