Alan Girelli


Alan Girelli serves as the Director of the Center for Innovation and Excellence in eLearning (CIEE), a division of the College of Advancing and Professional Studies (CAPS) at the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMB). Girelli organizes and hosts forums and workshops on emerging technologies, fosters projects of applied research, and publishes the opened, peer-reviewed research journal, _Current Issues in Emerging eLearning_. He earned his Ph.D. in Composition and Rhetoric from UMass Amherst, focusing on asynchronous and synchronous networked communications. He began teaching collaboration techniques on LANS at Emerson College in 1986, pioneered use of ASPECTS at Brandeis University in 1991, and the use of Netmeeting, Timbuktu, and CUSeeMe at UMass Boston in 1997. Prior the advent of online education, he coordinated UMB's MultiSite Education program which combined satellite, cable-cast and in-room video conferencing with telephone bridge systems, computer networks and course websites. He spent more than a decade contributing to the design of the UMB online program before taking the helm of CIEE as the Center's founding Director. Girelli also teaches online in the UMass Boston Graduate Program of Instructional Design and on-ground in Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Professional Writing program.

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