Amiel Gross


Amiel Gross is the Head of Legal at the Center for Breakthrough Medicines. He oversees legal operations, and balances business with risk when negotiating complex transactions as well as overseeing strategic alliances.

Amiel has consulted on a variety of legal issues arising during highly-regulated biotechnology industry operations; including counselling executives and senior management, facilitating commercial transactions and supporting litigation cases involving cell & gene therapies manufacturing insurance claims related to stem cell therapy facilities in Philadelphia.

Amiel Gross is a lawyer with experience in both general corporate counsel and life science industry. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southwestern University and a Doctor of Law degree from The University of Texas School of Law.

His skills include general corporate counsel, life science industry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical law, bio pharmaceuticals, corporate law, licensing, regulatory compliance. He is also highly experienced at business transactions - commercial contracts, CDMOs (consumer digital rights management), CGT (commercial trade agreements), cell and gene therapy.