Amy Pinkerton


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I have earned a Master’s of Instructional Design and Technology degree from West Virginia University and I have several years of experience working in the field. My experience spans every step of course development including: needs assessment, pedagogy/instructional design, development and production, quality assurance, implementation, evaluation, and support services. Quality, personalized service and responsible stewardship of resources are essential parts of my instructional design practice. My goal is to be an innovative leader in instructional design, technology management, and educational psychology.

Experience at Johns Hopkins

I currently work as an instructional designer at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: Center for Teaching and Learning in Baltimore, MD. In this position, I provide instructional design, course development, course evaluation, and technology training services to faculty (and teaching assistants) with technology-enhanced instruction that promotes learning in online, blended/connected, and face-to-face environments. I also serve as course production project manager and liaison between faculty, guest SMEs, and production staff.

Experience at JesuitNET Global

Prior to my position at Johns Hopkins, I worked multiple positions including instructional technologist, instructional designer, and systems support manager for the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities: JesuitNET Global branch.

As the JesuitNET Global systems support manager, I was responsible for critically evaluating curriculum to anticipate and troubleshoot potential operational and academic failures, while providing help desk management and support to educators around the world. Each week I met online with Site Coordinators from 14 sites in 10 different countries. In these meetings and throughout each week I provided managerial supervision and coordination to assist and resolve educational and curricular problems encountered by the site coordinator(s) and their students. I also separately met with and provided the same level of service and expertise to international online faculty. Due to the unique global context of our organization, I routinely used critical and creative problem solving to quickly resolve their issues and concerns.

As an instructional designer/technologist for JesuitNET Global I designed global curriculum using Ignatian Pedagogy and Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning to convey instructional messages for online higher education courses. I met each week with Subject Matter Experts (SME) to accompany them through a comprehensive design and production process. I served as liaison between the SME and the production team developing their instructional multimedia, technology, and learning management system for their online courses. I assisted during each phase of development ensuring the highest quality production of their courses. I also provided contextual multicultural expertise for our global student body. Using Mayer's Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning theory, I also designed and produced accessible instructional multimedia and supported instructional technologies through training, support, and course development for JesuitNET Global programs using Blackboard Learn LMS.


Ignatian/Jesuit Pedagogy, Cognitive Apprenticeship, and Multimedia Learning

AI Adaptive Learning Technologies

Accessibility and UDL