Amy Sloan


Dr. Amy Sloan transitioned into her current role of the Program Chair for the Department of General Education & Psychology in February 2017, and prior to that role, she held the role of Lead Faculty.

Amy has worked in educational settings throughout her entire career, with her experience spanning both secondary and higher education. She worked as a Director of Grant Management and Student Support programs for four years at a charter school district for at-risk high school students. This experience allowed her to learn about all of the alternatives to traditional education that exist, making her passionate about finding ways to help reach anyone who desires further education.

Amy also has extensive experience working with postsecondary curriculum and faculty management. In 2007, she entered the world of online higher education as a literature and writing instructor. By 2009, she had moved fully into online higher education, teaching classes and taking on faculty management positions at Grand Canyon University, Argosy University, and now Colorado Technical University.

Amy graduated with her bachelor’s degree as a University Scholar from Baylor University. She also holds a master’s degree in English from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Finally, Dr. Sloan completed her EdD in Higher and Postsecondary Education at Argosy University.

Amy has published in the Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice-- "Using a Faculty Training and Development Model to Prepare Faculty to Facilitate an Adaptive Learning Online Classroom Designed for Adult Learners." She has presented at five conferences: OLC Innovate 2017—“From Ground to Cyberspace: Re-necessitating General Education through Blended Learning, A Case Study,” ELI Annual Meeting 2017--“Transformation through Adaptation: Making General Education Exciting, Relevant, and Imperative,” OLC Innovate 2016--“(Re)Defining Students Success & Instruction Using Adaptive Technology,” Creating a Culture of Excellence National Virtual Conference 2015--“A Prompt for Change: Transfer as a Critical Classroom Component,” and Writing for College, Career, and Life National Writing Project Conference 2013--“Writing, Rewritten: A Glimpse into Writing in Online Postsecondary Institutions.”

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