Andrea Mateos Cuautle


Ed Andrea Mateos has extensive experience in online education and training as a Learning Experience Designer. As a Learning and Designer Coordinator and Advisor, she has implemented online learning programs and collaborated in creating educational models for important Mexican tell companies and financial sector companies. In addition, she has worked as an Education Program Specialist in the Department of Educatión of Language Acquisition for the Mexican public education system.

As a Teachers Trainer, she has participated in diverse projects whit important Mexican universities such as the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the Ibero-American University of Mexico (Universidad Iberoamericana de Mexico, etc. In addition, as an Independent consultant, she has developed and implemented various transformation initiatives such as the Online Educational Model for Puebla State.

More recently, she has been awarded the Humphrey fellow scholarship at Penn State University. She currently works for quality assurance in online programs, implementing pedagogic elements and Human Centred Product Design.