Andrea Milligan


Andrea Milligan has been working in higher education for over fifteen years and has a wide array of experience in instructional technology, information technology, and library technology. Currently, Andrea is the Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation at North Shore Community College. Before that, she was the Director of Instructional Technology and Design. Prior to coming to North Shore Community College, Andrea was the Director of Academic Technology at Framingham State University, where she worked for over twelve years. Before becoming the Director of Academic Technology, Andrea was the Reference and Instructional Librarian at FSU for four years. Through her most recent roles, Andrea has over ten years of practical and theoretical experience in promoting and facilitating the use of technology as an integral part of the total academic experience; helping faculty in the design and development of hybrid and online courses; providing professional development opportunities to faculty in using technology effectively in the teaching and learning environment; and assisting and supporting faculty and students in the use of academic technology tools.

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