Andrew Brookes


Since leaving University in 1982 I spent the following years working in the field of pest control and Entomology. However I was introduced to computing IN 1975 when I learnt the rudiments of the computer programming language FORTRAN IV . Computing became somewhat of a hobby and I put together towers then played around with HTML, JSP, CSS, web servers and subsequently the Linux operating system. Later I became moderately proficient in PHP and built web sites using PHP frameworks like Fatfree; also I learnt python to a degree and got a simple Fashcard application working aimed at helping toddlers learn the alphabet see: I have always respected sources of knowledge and in fact if it wasn’t for gaining access to small booklets called key fact cards I would never have passed my Biology O’Level nor escaped the sink school I was attending. I did some minor work on the digital Encyclopedia making it searchable with PHP and MySQL , see: and have an interest in passing on what little ICT knowledge I have and set up an NGO in Ghana called the Childrens charitable Foundation. Getting these type of organizations started is never easy since available funding from DFID and other bodies only seems to apply to organizations who maybe don’t need the money as badly as others since they have the man power and funds to for instance gain Charitable status in the U.K Currently we are working on various business models such as a guest house which will later help with funding but have at least built the in-fracture of a school building and have computers such as the Raspberry PI ready and waiting to be used in Ghana.