Andrew Brown


Andrew Brown has grown and scaled technology companies in software, engineering services, printing and manufacturing. He has balanced a career as an operating executive, entrepreneur and advisor to companies undergoing dramatic change and fast growth.

Andrew was responsible for leading VUTEK, the world’s leading commercial inkjet business with software development efforts and manufacturing in the US and overseas, and distribution in over 100 countries worldwide. He also led EFI’s global services teams and managed up to 700 people globally. He has been CEO or founder of multiple start-ups including an artificial intelligence company, a software business, a bottled water company and an eCommerce infrastructure company. Earlier in his career he advised technology companies as a consultant at Bain & Company, a global management consulting firm.

Andrew has participated in or led over a dozen M&A transactions, ranging in value from $10 million to $40 billion. Additionally he has led the post-acquisition planning efforts for many of these transactions. He also consulted independently to Fortune 500 companies and to Private Equity firm clients. Andrew has also led an investment firm where he has taken ownership and operating partner positions in his companies.
Andrew also led a multi-year operation, organization, and strategy project for the San Francisco Recreation and Parks General Manager and accountable to the Mayor of San Francisco. Andrew is a dual US and UK citizen and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and a joint honours degree in Economics and Mathematics B.Sc. from the University of Bristol in England. Andrew is married with two sons.