Andy Newman


Andrew has spent the last 32 years at Yale University working on campus-wide infrastructure initiatives. He has been active in the design and deployment of Yale's high-speed network as well as the establishment of policies, services and best practices aimed at network stability and ease of management. Andrew's interests include the design of scalable authentication mechanisms and the management of long-term institutional credentials. Additional areas of expertise include the design of flexible security models in a multi-tier software environment and the analysis of security practices for adherence to stated standards. While at Yale, Andrew has been responsible for designing (and initially supporting) the first campus-wide NetID subsystem whereby all community members could authenticate to campus resources with a single durable identifier. In parallel with this effort was the establishment of Kerberos as the campus standard intra-University authentication framework.

EDUCAUSE Presentations

  • Is SOA DOA?
    • EDUCAUSE 2008 Annual Conference, October 29