Andy Hannah


Andy is an Adjunct Professor of Business Analytics and an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Pitt. In this role, he is developing and delivering curriculum/student experiences at the intersection of analytics and entrepreneurship that develop skills for graduates to be leaders in the blossoming business analytics field.  

Andy’s vision is to apply AI and ML to help institutions identify individuals who wish to pursue additional education to complete their degrees, gain graduate degrees, and/or upskill to further their career aspirations and passions.  

Andy has been an entrepreneur since 1995 and has played leading C-Level roles at five high-tech start-ups over the past three decades. The resulting perspectives, learnings, and expertise are the cornerstones of his endeavors.  

Andy is also the President of Liaison’s AI & Data Science Solutions, which includes Othot, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution. Liaison is a higher education technology company that helps colleges and universities achieve their enrollment and student success goals. In 2014, Andy co-founded Othot with the mission of applying AI to the student lifecycle. 

In close alignment with Liaison's commitment to responsible AI, Andy was recently appointed chairperson of the Responsible Data Science Advisory Board at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) — a university-wide initiative that focuses on the application of responsible data science in curriculum, research, and workforce development. 


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