Andy Miller


I work as a Director of Product Management for Anthology's Student Achievement products, leveraging EdTech as a catalyst for student achievement across higher education.  What that means, in practice, is that I lead a team in the creation and enhancement of products which help educators and student affairs practitioners create cultures of student achievement on campus! 

This role affords me to scale the incredible work I was a part of in Advising, using research, experience, and data to inform strategic and tactical behaviors that break down institutional silos and connect people in meaningful ways - so they can provide holistic support to students. 

As much as I feel this work truly embodies my skillset and interests, what I love most is raising my five children alongside my wife – with a healthy dose of dad jokes, a few clear--yet high--expectations, and a strong commitment to prayer to help my children in their individual pursuits of happiness. 

AKA - Andrew Miller, Andrew P Miller

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • A Framework for Student Success Analytics
    • Briefs, Case Studies, Papers, Reports
    • Author

    This framework introduces users to the four central components of a student success analytics initiative—Preparedness, Outcomes, Analysis, and Decisions—providing a shared point of reference for institutional stakeholders.

  • EDUCAUSE COVID-19 QuickPoll Results: Student Success Analytics
    • Blog
    • Author

    Colleges and universities must decide how to structure learning environments for the fall academic term and beyond to deliver quality instruction while maintaining the safety of the academic community. For many, the trove of data from the spring 2020 term is a source of valuable insights in this effort.