Andrew Maksimchenko


I'm a T-Shape Lead Software Developer, Architect and Manager with 10+ years of experience. 

Mentorship is what drives me a lot. I kicked off my teaching career while studying in the Computer Science university department in 2014. I’ve got a versatile experience in different technologies. My beloved technical stack that I’m truly profound in is JavaScript, Angular / React, NodeJS, AWS and Databases. And I worked a lot on the creation of hybrid mobile and Smart TV apps, DevOps, Delivery & Resource Management, System Design and Interviewing.

During my experience I even elaborated my own methods for software development, successful self-growth, time and task management, hiring / inverviewing, code reviewing and mentorship. I’ve already helped successfully more than 300 mentees

I easily find common ground with everyone and can explain complex problems / questions in simple terms and life examples.

I’ll be glad to be of service to convey to you my fighting spirit and energy, bring fresh ideas and views on various challenges, and share my invaluable life and professional experience!

I will help you:

* Transit to IT as a Frontend / Backend / FullStack Web Developer from scratch;

* Tackle various FullStack problems in Web & Smart TV (JS stack notably);

* Audit Code Quality / Perform Code Review and provide exhaustive improvement recommendations;

* Screen technical background and put together an individual Career Plan Of Growth;

* Mock FullStack Web interview or help to ace and prepare for one;

* Sharpen Time / Task management skills and boost productivity;

* Catch out Web Performance problems and recommend improvements;

* Work out and overcome psychological barriers, fears, and problems in IT;

* Build a professional CV / Resume.