Andy Hulsey


Andy Hulsey has over 47 years in radio communications, 41 years in the telephony industry with emphasis on engineering management, planning, and consulting services, 33 years experience in cable TV distribution, and 33 years in LAN design of various technologies. From 1973 to 1985, provided telephony consulting services to several Bell System companies (before divestiture), AT&T (after divestiture), independent telephone companies, and large corporations. Provided cable TV distribution services consulting services to cable TV companies located in the upper mid-west. From 1985 to 1999, Telecommunications department head at the University of Florida with the same responsibilities as current position with UCF. Holds a FCC Radiotelephone license and Amateur Radio license, Registered Professional Engineer, and certified in the 23Ghz point-to-point microwave Gemlink system, IBWave cert, and Corning MobileAccess Cert. Andy holds a B.S. Electrical Engineering University of Arkansas, various technical training sessions provided by Bell Systems.