Angel Wingate


Angel Wingate is assistant vice president for Duke University's Office of Information Technology. She has oversight responsibility for Communications Infrastructure, Data Center and Computer Lab Services, and IT Facilities Planning and Construction. In this role, she is responsible for guiding the operational directors/senior director over such services as networking, telecommunications, data center operations and construction, ePrint services and centralized desktop support. Angel has worked at Duke for over 23 years, with prior experience leading OIT’s finance, business strategy and administration operations since 1995. In that time, she has shaped OIT policies relating to finance, administration and human resources, negotiated contracts for services resulting in institutional savings, developed effective business strategies for central IT services, performed operational and strategic assessments and audited OIT processes and units to optimize departmental efficiency. Additionally, she has served in various interim operational oversight roles spanning telecommunications and networking functions. She has significant experience in leading initiatives designed to further the use of technology as a means of increasing business efficiencies. During her tenure with OIT, Angel has led a variety of institutional and departmental projects, including serving as co-lead for a cross functional team spanning the campus and health system that developed and implemented a broadbanded position and compensation structure unique to IT roles. Additionally, she managed the project planning and implementation to design and build a central facility to house over 250 OIT staff members, as well as managed the physical move of those staff from four separate locations to the new facility. Most recently, she has overseen the construction of a new tier three data center on Duke’s campus, as well as the migration of critical enterprise IT systems from various secondary facilities to the new location. and the renegotiation of cellular service contracts that resulted in significant savings to the institution. Additionally, she is providing senior leadership and oversight for the two year campus and health system migration of 29K lines from legacy systems to the Cisco VoIP platform. Angel holds a BA in Public Policy Studies and an MBA from Duke University.

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    At Duke University a team made up of human resources and information technology (IT) staff working with consultants was challenged to identify a recognition and rewards strategy that would improve Duke's ability to recruit and retain IT staff, establish a technical career path for talented IT staff, and create a flexible and competitive IT compensation program.