Mikayla Tran Tran


10+ years of experience in the educational technology industry with a solid understanding of adult learning theories, instructional design principles, and training program development.

5+ years of experience in building high-performing teams from the ground up and managing a global team of 70+ team members in the US, India, and the Philippines.

In-depth expertise in designing high-impact, effective, and scalable global training programs for diverse learners with budgets of 1-3M. 

Intensive experience in curating and designing 100+ interactive e-learning courses in various modalities (virtual, hybrid, instructor-led), including inventing a Business online course adopted across 23 California State University  (CSU) campuses. 

Hosted 300+ training sessions on deploying onboarding, on-job-training, and upskill initiatives. 

Published three articles and hosted 100+ workshops, webinars, and seminars related to online/hybrid learning, instructional design, training development, and talent upskilling programs.