Anne Minenko


Background Anne Minenko was born, educated and trained in Manitoba, Canada. She holds BSc, BSc (Medicine) and MD (1987) degrees from the University of Manitoba. Prior to joining the University of Minnesota faculty in 2000, she taught and practiced within Canada’s health care system of regional health authorities, as a dual certified Royal College of Physicians and ABIM internist (1991)/ rheumatologist (1993), delivering culturally competent care to a multiethnic and aboriginal population of 1.5M in a catchment area stretching from the Nunavut Territories to Northwestern Ontario. She and her husband of 25 years enjoy golf, dog-sledding in Ely, and visiting presidential libraries. UMN Career activities Education Dr. Minenko is the Rheumatology Fellowship Program Director. •She led the integration of 2 new training sites and introduced educational innovations to form a stronger complementary 4 site program. Graduate output has doubled to 2 per year, rolling 5 – year average ABIM exam pass rates are consistently 100%, and ¾ of the graduates stay to practice in MN. The program was awarded a citation-free ACGME accreditation in 2011. Service Dr. Minenko has a track record of extensive service in the patient care, education and scientific arenas, including serving on Medical School and University policy (Curriculum), operations (Education Steering) and advisory (UMN Academic Technology) committees. Recent activities In 2010, the UMN Medical School launched its new integrated curriculum. As Director of Human Diseases 2 (HD2), one of four core second year courses, Dr. Minenko was actively involved in leading, developing and implementing these sweeping changes. •She leads >100 Faculty from 10 basic sciences, medical and surgical disciplines to deliver a thematically integrated and highly interactive 10 week course. •She leveraged education technologies and employed Team Based Learning to operationalize ‘ladders’, ‘flipped classroom’ and ‘change-up’ models, which optimized clinical faculty time and benefited patients by saving 320-1/2 hour patient appointments from cancellation. Outcomes were presented at EDULEARN11 (Barcelona, Spain), IAMSE (St. Petersburg, FL) and UMN Academy of Distinguished Teachers conferences. She is an author and member of a UMN intercollegiate e-book co-design team, spearheaded by Ann Hill Duin (Associate Vice President, Academic Administration and Professor, Writing Studies), Ed Nater (Professor, Soil, Water and Climate) and Farhad Anklesaria (CATI); “Cultivating change in the academy: 50+ stories from the digital frontiers” was issued June 2012. Professional vision and goals Anne Minenko continues to develop her educator, scholar and leadership competencies in the Master of Health Professions Education leadership program at the University of Illinois (Chicago). Her areas of interest are present, emerging and potential systems issues including mobile/distant learning and technology, inter-professional care, implementation science, all-payer GME funding and Regional Health Authorities and their effect on the design and implementation of high quality, cost effective medical education programming. Motivated by these challenges and opportunities, she believes that the strategic alignment and integration of faculty, learner and organizational development will deliver high value solutions that exceed expectations.

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