Anne Niccoli


Anne's current position is at the U. S. Coast Guard Leadership Development Center, Performance Support Department. As an instructional systems designer, she creates curriculum and training programs that develop leadership skills for Coast Guard officer and enlisted personnel. As a member of the project team for the first blended learning initiative, Anne strives to design course components to foster critical thinking in various learning environments. She created a resource portal to assist with self-serve, on-demand unit leadership development. The Leadership Development Resources inventory includes over 70 videos, podcasts and tools for advancing leadership skills. More crucially, the resources provide guidance to cultivate critical thinking skills. Anne was a member of the Unit Leadership Development Implementation team that was recognized for the most innovative leadership initiative in 20 years and awarded the Coast Guard Meritorious Team Commendation.

Anne's research studies examine the difference in learning and performance between digital and paper readers. Specifically, her research seeks to uncover factors that affect cognitive processes, shape decisions, and influence thinking.  

Anne holds a Doctorate in Education and qualifications as a Certified Performance Technologist, Instructional Systems Design, Master Training Specialist, and Coast Guard Instructor. She presented at several educational and training conferences and authored articles in military leadership publications.

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EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Paper or Tablet? Reading Recall and Comprehension
    • Article
    • Author

    What effect do digital devices have on our digital brains? To uncover the influence on learning of using digital tablets for reading, the Coast Guard Leadership Development Center conducted an experiment to ascertain differences in recall and comprehension between tablet and paper readers.

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