Anne Pinkowski


Anne Pinkowski is responsible for leading a modern, lean, self-governing team of software developers. Her team is responsible for the ongoing support of numerous tools and integrations used across campus. These tools support various business functions. In order to successfully support many of these tools, her team is required to intimately understand the underlying business processes and terminology behind the tools themselves e.g. network infrastructure and routing, collaboration and voice systems as well as phone number management. Some of the more known tools we support are: NetDB, SipDB, SNSR, and InfoSim.

In addition to her role as the Director of Automation and Service Reliability, Anne leads the Neurodiversity in IT Program. The Neurodiversity in IT Program seeks to increase access and diversity in IT recruiting for individuals who identify as neurodiverse, while also increasing awareness and understanding about neurodiversity in the workplace through educational programming. Our education and awareness efforts aim to equip staff with the mindset, knowledge, and support they need to achieve an inclusive and thriving workplace where neurotypical and neurodiverse staff alike feel that they belong.

In her 25+ year career in technology, she has developed strengths in team management, business analysis, process improvement and automation, project and functional management, application design and development, and finally customer service and collaboration. Prior to her role at Stanford Anne spent over a decade implementing and supporting technology, which included implementations in China, Hong Kong, Paris, London, and the Galapagos Islands. Anne has a degree in Fine Art from UCLA and actively exhibits her work in the United States.

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