Anne-Marie Sutch-Stabio


Dr. Sutch-Stabio has more than 20 years in the government and corporate training arenas. As a Principal in the eLearning Solutions division of RWD Technologies, Inc., Dr. Sutch-Stabio is responsible for eLearning project development, personnel management, project management, curriculum and training analysis, learning management, developing standards; writing proposals for eLearning solutions, and instructional design of adult curriculum using the latest technologies and practices. She has experience in design, development, and management of more than 220 hours of eLearning (Web-based training (WBT), wireless application protocol (WAP), and computer-based training (CBT). Features of eLearning projects on which Dr. Sutch-Stabio has been involved include novice to expert level navigation options, resources and job aids, simple and complex interactions, audio and video, expert level support, collaboration and synchronous options, and content presentation. Dr. Sutch-Stabio also has more than 240 contact hours of undergraduate and graduate instruction. She holds an M.A. in Instructional Technology, and an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, from the University of Central Florida. Dr. Sutch-Stabio presents at professional industry conferences. She co-presented Instructional Systems Design for Gaming in eLearning at Training Magazine’s Training Solutions Conference & Expo March 7, 2006, at Walt Disney World, FL, and again October 23, 2006, in Denver, CO. The presentation was designed to acquaint beginning and intermediate eLearning teams interested in incorporating low-level games into their courses. The session explored instructional design, chronicled the project development of a low-level game for use in eLearning; discussed development obstacles and solutions; and characterized development roles. The game that was developed and that was the object of the case study was used for demonstration during the session. During the Denver, CO conference Dr. Sutch-Stabio also presented a session that took a look at blended learning geared to enterprise software implementations, and a model that separates the vehicles for delivery. During the Denver conference, Dr. Sutch-Stabio also participated as a panel of experts member in Session 808 The State of Gaming and Simulation lead by Dr. David Metcalf, Researcher, Institute for Simulation and Training, UCF/RWD. During this session the panel and audience discussed late-breaking news and cutting edge research and design on gaming and simulation for learning; examples were shown; and details on emerging projects were provided. Discussion topics included: • Are games appropriate to learning? • Is there a stigma against games for learning in a professional setting? • If so, how do we mitigate this? • What has worked? • How does simulation affect work performance? • Where are these techniques being used most effectively? Her most recent presentations at: • RWD IPUG Conference, October 9-12, 2007 in Tampa, FL focused on Custom eLearning Services, the benefits and opportunities for incorporating eLearning into training, and a discussion of blended learning approaches and considerations for adding games into training; • the ASTD Space Chapter October 9, 2007 focused on instructional design for workplace learning professionals; and at • Training Magazine’s Tech Solutions Conference & Expo 2007, October 15-17, 2007 in Salt Lake City, UT focused on storyboard and development considerations for low-level game design. • Dr. Sutch-Stabio also appeared on Vincent Cerny’s cable program Cerny Success speaking about the eLearning industry and its future.