Anupama Rajesh


Dr. Anupama Rajesh  - Her qualifications include PhD in the area of Technology in Education, M.Phil.(IT), M.Phil.(Mgtt), M.Ed., M.Sc.(IT), PGDCA, PGDBA. She is the Head – Case Study Centre at Amity Business School, Amity University, India.

She has trained for case study writing at INSEAD Paris. She is an ERP Sim trainer by SAP, a Master Trainer from Intel and Infosys Partner for Business Intelligence. She has academic experience of over 20 years including international assignments. She is also an avid trainer and has trained several prestigious organisations.  She has written more than 20 research papers and case studies for prestigious international journals and has three books and several book chapters to her credit. Dr. Anupama has also won several awards including the ADMA Research Award, “Shiksha Rattan Puruskar” and three “Outstanding Paper Award”s at International Forums. She also has  MOOC to her credit.