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Ariana Lewis is the Help Desk and ResNet Supervisor within the Division of Information Technology Services at Loyola University Chicago. In this role, Ariana works with staff and student workers in providing a high-level of customer service and technical support to both University members and the greater Chicago community. Additionally, she has a dual responsibility as the technical lead and project administrator in the project planning, execution, close out and maintenance of the Division's Call Tracking system. The responsibility includes maintaining the server and application requirements, application resource availability, and providing end-user training.

Due to having a passion for higher education access and mentoring both staff and students, she has recently become involved in Loyola University Chicago's staff mentoring program; allowing for the opportunity to work with newly hired employees in a professional development capacity.

Ariana's background includes the completion of a Project Management Certificate program, the acquisition of a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from DePaul University and a Master's in Education focusing on Administration and curriculum development from Loyola University Chicago.

For additional information regarding Ariana's professional and academic experience, please visit her LinkedIn site:

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