Arlene Russell


Dr. Russell holds faculty appointments at UCLA in both the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Department of Education. She has been active in Chemical Education for over 30 years. She was a co-PI on the Molecular Science Project under which the Calibrated Peer Review Program was developed and is currently a co-PI on the Multi-Initiative Dissemination Project, which provides faculty workshops on using and implementing CPR in Chemistry. Since 1999, she has led more than 40 CPR workshops for over 700 faculty from community colleges through research universities and has implemented CPR in classes varying in size from 14 AP high school students to 320 UCLA freshmen. She has been involved in national assessment activities for 20 years as chair of the California Chemistry Diagnostic Test committee, which develops and validates a national test for placement of students in entry level college Chemistry courses and as a member of the Board of Directors of the Division of Chemical Education Examinations Institute. At the graduate level she teaches technical writing and leads a Preparing Future Faculty seminar for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows planning on academic careers. She is also the Science Director of the six-year old Science Teacher Education Program at UCLA and co-teaches the Science methods classes with Physics and Biology faculty. She is the PI of an NSF GK-12 award that partners graduate students in Mathematics and Science with new teachers to facilitate the development and use of inquiry-based activities in Los Angeles’ urban schools. Her work in chemical education has been recognized by awards from the New York Film and Television Association for excellence in science videotape production; the Smithsonian Institution for her educational innovation using technology; and the Chemistry Manufacturing Association for her outstanding college chemistry teaching. Her bibliography includes 37 print publications, 46 multimedia productions, 50 invited papers and lectures, and 36 contributed papers.

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