Arti Sharma


As Assistant Director of Learning Technologies and Media at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, my portfolio of work includes discovery, design, development, and support for media and learning technology solutions for projects in the Teaching and Learning Lab portfolio. This is made possible by my team of talented learning technologists, media producers, and graphic artists. Passion for enhancing teaching and learning is the focal point of our work and we take great pride in continuing to learn and improve the way we work together.

My path to the Harvard Graduate School of Education and my career in the field of education technology has been circuitous — I began my career working in student retention and engagement. After graduate school, where I specialized in developing and managing educational technology initiatives, I had the opportunity to lead faculty engagement and advocacy for a suite of homegrown learning technology solutions at MIT. In that role, I worked closely with faculty, administrative leaders, engineers, user experience experts, and customer support specialists to define and develop product requirements. Besides leading requirements gathering and managing roadmap for our offerings, I was instrumental in working closely with key decision makers to help shape the overall direction for the team and our work together. My next career step was at Pearson, providing product and technology leadership for their online tutoring platforms. Being in an industry outside of the higher education realm, was a rich and transformative experience for me. I learned a lot about the ins and outs of operating a complex business operation, and also realized that I was more drawn to working closely with faculty and students and being in a role that provided opportunities for more direct impact in the field of education.

I earned my Ed.M. in Educational Media and Technology at Boston University School of Education in 2006. My undergraduate years were focused on communications, including advertising, film, and graphic design. I love that my current role draws from my varied background in communication, media, education, and technology. I also really enjoy the opportunity to lead a highly motivated team, and partnering with each one of them in support of their personal and professional development.