Arvind Gopu


I am a passionate IT team leader at a large public university with 90,000+ students. I foster collaboration between computer science and other scientific disciplines toward enabling and accelerating scientific research. I lead: 1) The operation of complex software service stacks on Linux servers, several of which are virtualized and owned by us on-premise 2) Architectural design, development, deployment and maintenance of self-contained software systems referred to as science gateways that use leveraged (for e.g. university funded) hardware resources, business logic contributed by domain experts, and are accessible via modern web portals.

I have worked on a wide spectrum of projects spanning:
- Secure operations of Highly Available software service stacks on ~75 data center rack-mounted Linux servers using modern technologies including github/zenhub, docker, libvirt, qemu-kvm, ansible, sensu monitoring, puppet.
- Overseeing architectural design and deployment of complex web application services like R-Studio Connect, and other commodity Linux based services ThinLinc/SSH based remote desktop enclaves with exceptional security controls (NIST-800-53) enabling electronically Protected Health Information (ePHI) research.
- Several scientific domains including astronomy, medical imaging for neuroscience and radiology, genomics, physics incl. high energy physics, electron microscopy, biology, geology, etc.

As an avid team leader I bring together my staff’s strengths and my own to achieve our collectively defined team vision. I have brought in funding to IU from external and other sources to the tune of US$ 4M in the past 13 years.