Ashley Kehoe


I'm an aspiring geek. a dabbler. a lifelong learner. A happen-maker. a dot-connector, a maker-spacer. A lover of side projects & all things creative. I'm trying to infuse fun back into learning while inspiring authentic curiosity, wonder, compassion, imagination, skill-building, & critical reflection. I wholeheartedly believe in acting your shoe size, advocate for choosing your own adventure, & am actively transforming the way we teach & learn one high-impact experience at a time. Professionally, I'm an instructional designer at Dartmouth College, where I have the opportunity to actively partner with faculty to design high-impact, innovative, digital learning experiences for students. I'm currently serving as the project manager for one of the first-ever DartmouthX MOOCs, leading a cohort of over 200 faculty in a learning management system migration to Canvas, and collaborating on several digital humanities and experiential learning projects across campus. I also serve on the Steering Committee for the Upper Valley MakerSpace, an emerging community of maker activity in Vermont and New Hampshire. Prior to joining the awesomely dynamic and innovative team at Dartmouth, I served as the ePortfolio Program Manager for a campus-wide, integrative ePortfolio implementation at Loyola University Chicago and as the Director of Civic Engagement and Student Leadership Programs at Alfred State College.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Changing Records of Learning through Innovations in Pedagogy and Technology
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    Innovations in pedagogy and technology could revolutionize academic records, moving our approach from one of checking off boxes to one of connecting the dots. This article highlights technological and pedagogical models that connect the dots toward agile, personalized evidence of learning.

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