Aura Lippincott


I am an instructional designer and technologist with a passion for helping faculty reach their teaching goals and students reach their learning goals. I draw from my professional experience as an instructional designer, instructional technologist, information professional, researcher, and support services manager to analyze what is needed, find the right solution, then help someone use it!

This is my perfect week:

• Collaborating with faculty to design an outstanding course or learning activity that will engage a student in deep learning.
• Showing a faculty how to use a cool new technology, software or platform that will make his or her job easier, or more productive, or solve a problem
• Evaluating new technologies to potentially fill gaps in current services or to get ahead of something on the horizon. Pondering what those gaps might be and figuring out how to get support to fill them
• Partnering with campus colleagues to try new things and to steer the shared ones
• Thinking about how to raise awareness, train, and support faculty who are teaching in new ways (like flipped, hybrid, and online), then going out and doing it
• Developing instructional/training materials with audio, video, images and text
• Taking on a new challenge, and trying something new!
• Doing a mix of hands on work, planning activities, individual work, and team collaboration

EDUCAUSE Presentations