Autumm Caines


Autumm Caines is a Liminal Space. 

An Instructional Designer at University of Michigan - Dearborn, I've been involved in educational technology for over fifteen years. I have a passion for finding a middle ground between theory and practice in the design of educational experiences to serve faculty members and students. I'm a lifelong learner, non-traditional and first-generation college student. In desiging educational experiences with technology my most valuable tools are empathy and relationship building. Focused on community building through the facilitation of conversation I create exploratory open ended experiences that focus on the unique personalities that I'm working with.

Digital literacy and citizenship is are a passion and over the last several years I have helped to faciliate several ongoing open online conversations about digital citizenship through the hashtag #DigCiz and the website The lens of digital citizenship has also pushed my thinking in terms of data collection and stewardship. I am a staunch advocate for student privacy.

Taking a different approach to faculty development I've faciliated and helped to build an open curriculum for #DigPINS which is a completley online faculty development experience which works with small cohorts of local faculty members and focuses on digital pedagogy, identity, networks, and scholarship. More information and the open curriculum can be found at

I have presented at several international, national, and regional conferences and I've published several articles and book chapters. You can find out more about me at my website and on Twitter: @autumm

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