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Autumm Caines is the Associate Director of Academic Technology in the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Capital University in Columbus OH. Since 2008, Autumm has overseen several major projects including a learning management system migration and the implementation of a lecture capture solution. Autumm has a deep passion for finding a middle ground between theory and practice; besides supporting the technical side of the solutions that she manages Autumm also develops workshops and showcases around them to help faculty understand the different facets of how they can be used. She has also facilitated several faculty exploration groups that looked at the shifting state of higher education brought about by a changing technological landscape. Autumm has presented at several national and regional conference sessions and has published several articles and book chapters.  Autumm is passionate about the place for the human in the digital landscape and wonders about the intersection of digital environments and digital identies in terms of affecting digital citizenship. You can find out more about autumm at and Twitter: @autumm

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