Ed Sleiman


Offering expertise as an accomplished senior manager with executive level experience in providing leadership and security programs across a wide range of areas. I have skillfully led teams and subcontractors with a wide range of talents and diversity in requirements analysis, technology, law enforcement, security, and business development.
CISO of not a corporation or a university, but a 30-million square meter city, whose population increases from 7,000 at night to 16,000 during the day. In my current position, I am responsible for managing the information security of the whole city: campus and residences. This poses quite a unique challenge in balancing between business applications on one side and personal computing like gaming and media streaming on the other. I manage a team of highly skilled information security professionals to drive an ISO 27001 certification for my organization. I also manage the day-to-day operations of an information security organization pillared by proper risk management.
I bring expertise in all phases of project lifecycle from feasibility and concept through implementation and enhancement, establishing synergistic relationships, mentoring staff to enhance professional development, and improving organizational effectiveness through innovative procedural design.
I have successfully developed innovative solutions to improve operational efficiencies, initiating training programs, managing the execution of forensic accreditation and cyber security projects for Middle Eastern regions, and designing the architecture for a biometric identity management system.
Offering multilingual capabilities in English, Arabic, French and Portuguese, I have worked extensively with international stakeholders to initiate security programs, conduct investigations, engage in crime fighting techniques, and train in anti-terrorism measures.