Betsy Gilbertson


Betsy has almost twenty years of experience in working teaching with technology and multimedia in higher education. After receiving her Bachelor of Science in Visual Arts, Betsy started working for South Dakota State University in their Instructional Design Services as a Multimedia Instructional Designer. That was her first introduction to teaching online, and she worked through the struggles and rewards to be a part of the success that online learning has become today. It is exciting to have so many options for designing and teaching quality online courses that allow students and instructors to be active and engaged in the teaching and learning process. Betsy joined Auburn University in 2011 as Distance Learning Specialist/Instructional Designer.

Betsy's expertise is in the design and implementation of online learning, and she has over a decade of working with faculty through workshops and consultations in these areas specifically. This involves finding the best software to complete the desired outcomes of the course as well. Her background in technology and multimedia help immensely in this area. She currently utilizes the Quality Matters Rubric as the guideline for helping faculty build interactive courses, but experience across disciplines is important as well. Betsy has presented at various conferences over the years, but finds the hands on process to be the most rewarding part of her career. 

Betsy holds a Masters in Education in Curriculum and Instruction in Adult and Higher education, and she maintains a focus on diversity and inclusion through her studies, research and her work. She believes that online learning helps bridge many gaps that currently exist in higher education.

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