Becky Carmichael


Becky Carmichael is the Science Coordinator with Communication across the Curriculum (CxC) at Louisiana State University, where she is responsible for increasing opportunities to better communicate and understand science. She works closely with faculty to develop effective and efficient teaching practices that deepen student learning by incorporating communication-intensive components in their course design. Becky also mentors undergraduate students, who wish to improve their science-specific communication skills and their ability to critically analyze topics within science. She has over five years of experience teaching at the undergraduate level, with emphasis on converting scientific information into formats appropriate for various audiences. She received her Ph.D. in biological sciences from Louisiana State University, a B.S. in biological sciences from Purdue University, and is a Wikipedia Campus Ambassador. Becky was a National Park Service interpretation ranger and biological science technician, combining her love of nature with the desire to educate the public about ecological concepts. With her biological background, Becky actively researches methods to connect scientific exploration with opportunities to collaborate with the diverse personalities across the campus and beyond.