Ben Gomes-Casseres


Ben Gomes-Cassere is the Peter A. Petri Professor of Business and Society at Brandeis International Business School. He is the author of Remix Strategy: The Three Laws of Business Combination (HBS Press, 2015), and other books and articles on M&A, partnerships, and ecosystems. He teaches courses on strategy, M&A and alliances, climate innovation, and technology strategy.

He has been teaching by the case method for over three decades, starting as a professor at Harvard Business School. Ben has won two teaching awards at Brandeis and previously led the School's MBA program.

Ben has taught synchronous online classes since 2020 (on Zoom), which led him and his co-inventors to develop the core technology in the Brandeis Online Learning Lab. As the lab's co-principal investigator, Ben works on product design, data collection and analysis, and business development.

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