Bernard Jones


Brief Professional Bio: 

Dr. Jones is a St. John's University Associate Professor in the Division of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security. He is certified in business continuity and disaster recovery, with over 20 years of experience reviewing, implementing, and managing enterprise business continuity, disaster recovery, and emergency management programs. His research and teaching interests focus on organizational resilience, disaster preparedness, and emergency management. His research agenda focuses on how organizations quantify their resilience posture, allowing them to work toward addressing their organizational resilience weaknesses and enhancing their disaster preparedness. 


Additionally, his research interests are shaped by the re-occurrence of disasters and how organizations, communities, and individuals implement enhanced resilience to best respond to and recover from those disaster events. As an emergency management, disaster recovery, and business continuity practitioner for the past 20 years, he has become familiar with disasters that significantly impact organizations, communities, and individuals. His role over the years has centered on how to help impart a culture of disaster preparedness, serving as a means toward enhanced "resilience." The primary focus has been researching organizational resilience in other countries that have faced repeated disasters like severe weather. One of his overarching goals has been to assist organizations, small and large, public and private, develop a culture of disaster preparedness by adopting enhanced organizational resilience. 


Dr. Jones earned a D. Sc. degree from New Jersey City University in the area of civil security leadership, management, and policy, an MS degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology in Emergency Management – Business Continuity, an MS degree from Kean University in Management Information Systems and a BS degree from the University of Phoenix in Management Information Systems.