Bethany Simunich


Dr. Bethany Simunich is the Vice President of Innovation and Research at Quality Matters (QM), an educational non-profit dedicated to quality online learning at all levels of education. In this role, Dr. Simunich leads efforts to help institutions, faculty, and staff make data-driven, research-based decisions to implement quality assurance best practices and promote online student success. In her 20+ years in higher education, she has held faculty roles for both in-person and online teaching, and also worked in educational technology, instructional design, and faculty development for online learning. As an online learning administrator, she has both created and managed processes and teams for instructional design and online faculty development. Dr. Simunich is also co-Director of the CHLOE Project (Changing Landscape of Online Education), which presents the unique perspective of senior leaders in online learning from U.S. higher education institutions, and co-author of High Impact Design for Online Courses (HIDOC) – the first instructional design model that reflects the unique considerations of online learning modalities.

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