Bethany Simunich


Dr. Bethany Simunich is the Director of Research and Innovation for Quality Matters, and has worked in online education for over fifteen years, after several years of teaching in the face-to-face classroom. She has held positions in learning technology, instructional design, online teaching, and faculty development, and has also worked in the area of research and evaluation of online quality and effectiveness. Her research interests include presence in the online classroom, online student and instructor satisfaction, and rigor and outcome achievement in online courses. Bethany received her bachelor's and two master's degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, and her doctorate from The Ohio State University. She is a regular presenter of workshops and sessions at online learning conferences, and also facilitates custom presentations and workshops on online teaching and design for educational audiences. She is the recipient of the 2012 Lilly Conference Top Poster Award, the 2013 EdMedia Outstanding Paper Award, the 2014 NUTN Research Paper Award, the 2016 QM Making a Difference for Students Award, the 2016 AECT Division of Distance Learning Best Practices Award, the 2018 AECT Outstanding Book Chapter Award, and the 2019 QM Director's Award. 

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