Bianca Julio


Nearpod is the most comprehensive student engagement platform that makes teaching with technology easy. Nearpod’s student-centric, mobile-friendly design enables faculty to connect learners and deliver highly interactive experiences - improving participation and academic effectiveness.

Reach and engage learners in more compelling ways.

Easily create interactive digital course content
Simply upload a PDF or start a new presentation and add interactive features

Monitor learning
Observe activity and easily control students' devices

Take your learners on a virtual field trip
Show learners the world with Nearpod VR

Engage and deliver a rich, collaborative experience
Multimedia content captures students’ attention, keeping them focused and minimizing off-task behavior

Share content and assessments in real-time
Include quizzes, polls, slideshows, videos and other activities in your lessons

One engagement platform for on-campus and distance learning programs.

Deliver synchronously or asynchronously in any campus environment - lecture halls, classrooms, active learning spaces, and seminars

Self-paced mode supports online and blended learning programs as well as anytime, anywhere post-lecture review

Maximize technology ROI with seamless integrations.

Learners can access Nearpod on any device, operating system, learning management system, and web browser. Easily integrate Nearpod into your academic technology landscape with Instructure Canvas, Blackboard, Google, and Office 365.

Our deep LMS integration enables:

Easy access to Nearpod learning content by learners from a single, familiar system

Automatic storage of grades in the LMS gradebook (for Canvas)

Insights on student performance for faculty