Boaz Beeri


Boaz Beeri is the CEO and Executive Producer at Sandbox Inc., a Canadian media and technology agency serving clients in the public, nonprofit, and intergovernmental sector. Boaz leads the multidisciplinary team at Sandbox, working across formats such as live action, animation, web-based solutions, and motion graphics, for organizations such as eCampus Ontario, TedX, UNICEF, and many higher education institutions. Boaz launched Sandbox Labs in 2017 to test innovative solutions using media and digital technology to tackle problems faced by educational institutions, firms and governments. Boaz started his career as a photographer, youth counselor, and documentary filmmaker. He finds and develops talent, advocates for new ideas, provides creative direction and forms partnerships with people in the realms of film, education, technology and public policy. Boaz holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto and a Master’s of Fine Arts in Film Production from York University (Canada).