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Dr. Brad Wheeler, Indiana University's vice president for information technology and chief information officer, leads IT services for IU's eight campuses. These services include research, educational, administrative, networking, and other shared IT services. He is the 2013 winner of the EDUCAUSE Leadership Award and the 2015 Indianapolis Business Journal CTO of the Year. He has co-founded some of higher education's most transformative software and service collaborations including the Sakai Project for teaching and learning software, Kuali for financial and other administrative systems, the HathiTrust for digital copies of scanned books as part of the Google Book Project, and the formation of Internet2's Net+ Services. These projects are a blend of both open source and traditional development models that have grown to an ecosystem encompassing over $60M of pooled investments from over 50 institutions and 22 commercial firms. Most recently, he has led IU's pilot testing of eTexts since 2009 and 2012 full rollout of an eText model that brings substantial discounts to students for digital textbooks. He is a professor of information systems in IU's Kelley School of Business, and has taught executive programs for corporate and MBA audiences on six continents.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Who Is Doing Our Data Laundry?
    • Article

    We are seeing a surge in firms with offers to take institutions’ data so that they can reformat it and make it available as dashboards, with trends and models. It is time to ask: Who is doing our data laundry, and why?

  • Crafting and Implementing a Policy to Reduce Cyber Risks
    • Article

    When Indiana University adopted a cyber risk mitigation responsibilities policy — known as IT-28 for short — it represented a first step toward understanding and better managing the cybersecurity risk profile of the entire university, as this case study explains.

  • Speeding Up on Curves
    • Article

    The finance of higher education is increasingly moving from a public to a private good, leading to increasing cost and price pressures (particularly for state-supported institutions).

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