Brandon Lodriguss


Brandon Lodriguss is the Chief Information Officer and Executive Director for Building Operations for the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. 

Previously, Brandon was the Executive Director for Wharton's San Francisco campus.  He was responsible for campus operations, finance, and information technology.  Brandon started his career in the Internet industry, working on the technical operations team for a national Internet Service Provider. He then made the move to the education sector, starting out as an IT manager for a large K-12 school district, and then transitioning into the IT organization at Wharton. For over a decade he has been at The Wharton School in various roles, including IT Director for Academic and Research Support and a Senior Project Director in Wharton's Innovation Group.

Brandon has led a variety of large and strategically important projects on behalf of the Innovation Group, including the design and deployment of Wharton’s immersive Cisco Connected Classroom, and the creation of Business Radio, Wharton’s full time satellite radio station on SiriusXM. Before joining the Innovation Group, he worked to implement systems such as Wharton’s faculty recruiting system, the departmental website database and associated management tools, as well as large scale research computing infrastructure enhancements and additions. He also managed the IT support staff for half of Wharton's academic departments and research centers. Outside of Wharton, he takes on the occasional small consulting engagement, and is an active volunteer on the administrative team of a small technology-related social network with over 25,000 users.

Brandon has developed and conducted training sessions on a number of topics for both faculty members and technical staff, and enjoys bridging the gap between complex technologies and people.