Brian Alexander


Brian Alexander is the system architect and technical manager of the campus enterprise portal, MyUCDavis. The MyUCDavis portal effort began in 1997 and has worked to create and integrate a host of UC Davis services for students, faculty, and staff into a personalized and customizable single sign-on portal environment. Started from a concept to bring student information and faculty course materials into one system, MyUCDavis now contains a complete course management system as well as several academic and administrative services within the portal framework. Along with overseeing the campus portal, Brian co-chairs the campus New Business Architecture Technology Development Team. This team is part of a structured approach to implementing the University of California New Business Architecture initiative ( This initiative aims to streamline the business processing the university by implementing changes in processes along with extensive use of technology. The technology development team works to research and recommend campuswide technical approaches and solutions to facilitate the New Business Architecture initiative. Brian is a Computer Science graduate from California State University, San Bernardino and has a background in software development. His other interests include software development methodologies and IT staffing issues.

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