Brian Epstein


I have overseen the Information Security Program at the Institute for Advanced Study since September 2006. Before that I worked as a Senior Security Engineer at Comcast. I've been working in the information security field since 2000, specializing in Unix operating system security and network security.  I am a former board member of REN-ISAC.  I am currently serving as the President of a Synagogue in Central New Jersey and I volunteer for the American Legion Jersey Boys State program as an Assistant Director and Dean of Administration.  Education/Certification: BS CompSci, MS Information Security, CISSP, GIAC-GLEG, RHCSS, RHCE, SCSA

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    OpenPGP is a nonproprietary encryption suite that uses public key encryption to exchange e-mail messages and files (either e-mail attachments or files that might be exchanged via other means, e.g., web-based transfers) between individuals within and across institutions. OpenPGP can also secure files stored on mobile devices or in the cloud.

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