Brian McDonald


Brian McDonald is President of MOR Associates, (Maximizing Organizational Resources) an organization he founded in 1983 based on the belief many organizations do not maximize the contribution most people want to make at work.

Brian has increasingly focused his practice on developing leaders and enhancing strategic-thinking. Brian’s expertise in designing and delivering leadership development programs has resulted in:

- Facilitating MIT’s Leader to Leader program (a one-year program offered 5 times over the last ten years).

- New England Business Service (NEBS) Leadership Development Program.

- The University of Pennsylvania Leadership @ Penn program for high potential administrators.

- Leadership @ Stanford University now in its fourth offering.

- Coaching and facilitating in GE Capital’s Leadership European Program.

- A leadership program for the Provost, Deans and Vice Provosts at the University of Washington.

All these programs include a 360 review and an individual coaching component.

Brian has facilitated committees, national joint steering committees and other groups such as the Council of Deans, the New York State‘s Board of Regents, the debrief of the TWA 800 crash and others.

Brian is also co-leading with the former faculty member and CIO of MIT Jim Bruce an IT-Leadership Program involving many schools including Stanford, UC-Berkeley, Columbia, UMichigan, UMinnesota and many more.

Brian has taught courses as an adjunct faculty member for the Suffolk University School of Management. He has also presented guest lectures at the Boston University Graduate School of Management and the Tufts University School of Engineering. Brian was awarded his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts and his graduate degree from Boston University.

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