Brian McGough


Brian is the director of the Enterprise Services Integration and Delivery group at Indiana University in the division of Enterprise software. Brian's group has many responsibilities including: Data Warehousing/Descision Support/Business Intelligence, Software Architecture and Infrastructures for both the Peoplesoft and Java platforms where most of our software investments are made, support for the enterprise web serving environments which are leveraged by the majority of campus/schools/depts, responsible for the enterprise portal for the University wide delivery of services to faculty/staff/students, and finally for the running of the User Experience Group which offers usability and prototyping related services leveraged by internal and external projects. Brian is also very involved in the Kuali community and was the chief architect for the Kuali Foundation for some time, in addition to having project management responsibilities for Rice. Those responsibilities have passed on to others now, but Brian is still engaged with the community and is responsible for the Kuali Rice and corresponding infrastructure environment that will support Indiana University's roll out of the Kuali Financials and the Kuali Coeus systems.

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